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On this page I gathered all other activies I do not relating to laws and teaching.,Maybe they're not so attractive like jumping with benjies or in parachutes, but anyway it's what I like

I love collecting stamps; and if they have something to do with esperanto, scouting, animals or birds, wow!!!!  I have lots of them, but really can't realize how many I have.

Some albums and lot of bags are in the closet to be organise sometime.....

The  taroth  and asthrology
Secrets sciences pay my attentions. And if I can get the future on cards or just studying the sky and planets, it's very interesting one. From time to time I do it for my self or for someone who aks me to discover his/her future. Nowadays things are getting easier and a software help me a lot.
Music and theater

Wow, I like romantic music in spanish or esperanto. My favorite singer are The Carpenters, Soledad, etc

Theater I have done at School. Then I played on " My Broken Christ", "The Fiddler on the Roof" and " The Deluve's Coming" .


Translantion was my first carreer, but I quit and studied Law. The german gramma was terrible and I quit before entering to study translation german-english-spanish. Anyway now I also do translations : I must translate laws and explain them to my clients. I was 15 days translating a paper about kiwi-fruit and decided that beeing an interpreter or translator is nothing interesting and looking for the right word is very difficult job. Anyway I did some translations about scouting from spanish, or english into esperanto for SEL

I begun on this area, because I needed to register the scout activities for the year memories. Some pictures from the courses, jamborees, moots, etc were so nice, that amateur photographer is my secret hobby. You can see them at the photos page.
At first, I thought  psichology was for crasy people, but when I needed to attend to a psichologist, my thoughts changed. Then, whe I became scoutmaster of the Explorer Unit ( guys and gals from 15-21 years old)  I discovered that this could be my work also. I begun to do courses on it, bought lot of books and counselling became my work with the youngsters at the scout movement, the Scout Group and where I do classes.
Internet and chat
Internet is driving me crazy, and poor! Wow, very big bills!!!  at first I liked internet just for see all what was forbidden like pornography; also getting free softwares was my interest. 

I love to chat with my friends on MSN, Yahoo! , IRC  and ICQ .
You can found me using the  alias "knabo" , "strigo" or "skolto" .