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I was born on September 20th, 1963, in Santiago de Chile. I'm lone son of the marriage ofHéctor and Nena. Of course I don't have any brothers. You can see some pictures at the bottom of this page.

I've done my elementary and secondary studies at Instituto San Martín de Curicó, which belongs to the religious Congregation of Little Brothers of Schools, created by Marceline Champagnat in France during the last decades of the past century.

During my studies, my favorites subjects were languagues, social sciences and students' activities. I became an excelent student of English and French, History, Economy and other subjects like those. I've also writen a bulletin for the class which soon became the School's newspaper.

At the age of 8 Iears old I begun to take part of the Scout Movement in the Cub Den Polar Star , and when I grew up I became a scout at South Cross Troup. When I was 15 I begun to take part of the Pioneer and Rover Crew. When I was younger inside the scouts I was vicesix-leader, six-leader, then of course Vice Patrol Leader and Patrol-leader and athe the end as young member I became Rover Team Coordinator. At he age of 18 the Group Council asked me to help them as a Help Cub leader . But during a summer camp in 1982 as ought to work as Rover Leader, because the Rover Chief was ill, and from that day on I dedicated my scout work to this brunch of the Scout Movement, which deals with guys and girl from 15 to 21 years old, when is really necessary to have someone to trust on, and who can heard you more that teach you, someone who will be much like a brother-friend.

Actually, as scout leader I have my Advanced Level (Gilwell Badge) in the Rover Brunch, and also have been Rover Chief at Southern Cross Scout Group (1980-1986), then at La Concepción Scout Group (1989-1993), and actually I'm belonging to San Francisco Girls and Boys Scout Group, where I was Group Chief till 1996. Inside the Movement as Scout Leader I have worked as District Commissioner for two periods(1989-1995), and I was Region Leader of Maule's Region. (1996-1999). Now I'm back to my first Group, in order to create the Rover Crew!!!!

My profession is lawyer. I studied Law at the Pontifical Catholic University of Santiago de Chile; I liked mainly subjetcs as Public and Private International Law , Labor Law and Family Law, and of course in Latin. My thesis dealt about "The Language Problem in International Relationships and it was valued "cum laude". I received my Licenciature at Law and Legal Sciences on september 20th, 1990 and my Lawyer Diploma and Title from the Supreme Court of Justice on October 1st, 1990. From then on I work as lawyer, own an office and teach law at a Professional Institute in Curicó. During the years of the Military Dictactorship in Chile I got interested od Humans Rights and mainly about discrimination of all types.

Other hobby that I have, is ham radio. Since 1984 I got my radioamateur license CE 4 JLK. Throught radio I can practice my language kwonledges and meet very interesting people worldwide. I love DXing and serching new countries and territories because I'm looking for them to get some Diplomas. I'm member of Radio Club José Lena de Curicó, where I have been Youth Director, QSL-Bureau Manager, Treasurer, Secretary and President in several times.

I'm also interested in journalism. For this thing of life I have written articles on the local newspaper La Prensa about scouting, ham radio and esperanto. Journalism became one of my interests while I was at the Primary School, where we - 6 friends and me- created a bulletin which quickly became the school's bulletin, Journalism rather was my profession. Although I wrote some articles for the Law School's bulletin also. But finally I was the editor of the official bulletin of Skolta Esperanto-Ligo(Scouts' Esperanto-League), called La Skolta Mondo (The Scout World) .

Like you can see, one of my favorites hobbies is Esperanto. I learned it on 1977 , as part of a scout activity and very soon it drove me crazy. On it I could gather practically all my interests you've alreay known: studies on compared law, journalism, radio and scouting. More infos about Esperanto on Virtuala Esperanto-Biblioteko. And if you want to learn esperanto just e-mail me.

Now I invite you to see some of my pictures:

that's me
Here's part of the Rover Crew I guided during the Rover Moot' 92
near Curicó's countryside.
Luis Cruz Martínez' Statue. He was a teenager heroe, who fought against the Peru-Bolivian Confederation (1879-1882). He died defending our country, with other 75 chilean youngster. In their honor we celebrated the standart day on July 9th each year.
Lautaro's wooden statue at Curicó's Main Square . (It was done on a dead tree).


That's all for today, folks.

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